Space Patrol Episodes

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Volume 1:

The Swamps of Jupiter -
Captain Dart and his crew are sent to investigate the loss of contact with a scientific base on Jupiter, and encounter Martian fur trappers who are killing the native Loomi creatures for their heat-retaining skins.
Watch out for Jupiter as seen from Earth - its rotational speed is a bit faster than 10 hours! Also look out for the clothing-friendly doors in decontamination control and the robot control room.

The Wandering Asteroid -
The Space Patrol crew accept a dangerous mission to destroy an asteroid deflected from its orbit by a cometary collision and heading directly for the Martian capital, Wotan.
Galasphere 024 at the start of the episode has become 347 by the end. There is Space Patrol's first sign of egg obsession - Haggarty's square eggs. An asteroid 50 miles in diameter, travelling at 18 miles per second is reckoned to produce a blast of only 300 megatons equivalent of TNT when it impacts Mars.

The Dark Planet -
Professor Haggerty and his daughter Cassiopeia are baffled by a plant sample from Uranus with a mind of its own! Following the disappearance of a 20 strong survey team on Uranus, Colonel Raeburn despatches the Space Patrol crew to locate larger versions of the plant, where they discover that adult specimens of the plant are far from friendly.
This episode has the unintentionally hilarious old-fashioned pronunciation of 'Uranus'. Look out for such gems as "Any wild animals on Uranus, Colonel?". A 'sonar' beam is used for instant communication between Earth and Uranus.

The Slaves of Neptune -
The crew of the Galasphere are sent to solve the mystery of a spaceship carrying colonists to Pluto which disappeared near Neptune. On approach to Neptune Dart, Slim and Husky fall under the hypnotic influence of Neptunian Overlord Tyro, who is using his powers to trap colonists as his slaves.
Our first meeting with the Gabbler (the Gabblerdictum bird). I really like the un-NASA like Galasphere takeoffs; no countdown, just "Takeoff programme starting now". 'Galactic Control' is mentioned, but not referred to again (and there has been no previous indication that anyone ever travels or communicates beyond the Solar System). Neptunian missiles make Galasphere noises.

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Volume 2:

The Shrinking Spaceman -
When the Galasphere crew are sent to repair the sonar beam transmitter on the asteroid Pallas, Husky succumbs to a mysterious shrinking disease after cutting his hand on a rock. Keeping him in suspended animation, Professor Haggerty attempts to find a cure.
Husky is supposed to be shrinking, but never looks any smaller.

The Forgers -
Colonel Raeburn is baffled by a sudden influx of forged currency. Whilst investigating what appears to be a disease killing the vegetation on Mars, Dart and Husky stumble across the source of the forgeries.
Why is Colonel Raeburn, the controller of Space Patrol, interested in forged currency?

The Robot Revolution -
When an undersea eruption at the Atlantic Sea Farm damages robot workers, Space Headquarters is over-run by the rampaging machines, determined to seize control of the city.
A very camp episode. Slim says 'Masticate while you can' to Husky, and Dart and Husky agree to meet 'in the rest room'. Look out for the 'race' between Dart and a robot, which is at the pace of a slow walk.

The Rings of Saturn -
Observing Saturn, Dart and his crew notice a meteor shadowing the Galasphere. On discovering that it is actually a Saturnian spacecraft, Dart makes contact and brings a tape of Saturnian language back to Earth for decoding. When contact is finally made with the planet, it transpires that Dart has inadvertently offended the Saturnians by picking leaves of their sacred tree...
Reaburn blithely writes off Galasphere 347 and its crew in a suicide mission to Saturn. Note the 'barber's poles'in the Galasphere. These were mooted in the early 1960's as an addition to the cockpits of fighter 'planes, to help the pilots orientate themselves by looking at the revolving poles with peripheral vision. The idea never made it into production (except in Galapheres, of course). The Saturnians live in really rough caves, for a technologically advanced species - have they not heard of interior design?

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Volume 3:

Husky Becomes Invisible -
When Dart is sent to Mars to find the square eggs of the Aba bird, needed to help find a cure for a condition known as the 'floats', he calls on Professor Zeffer who has discovered that his new star-measuring apparatus can make objects disappear.
More egg obsession, and there are no qualms whatever about removing eggs from the nest of what is obviously an endangered species.

The Buried Spaceship -
'Operation Ice Cube' is put into action when Marla suggests moving ice through space as a solution to a drought problem on Mars. Galasphere 347 is sent to assist, but develops a fault in the meson power unit forcing the craft to land for repairs...
347 lands on Pluto without notifying anyone at all. When the Galaphere emerges from the 'water' (which looks more like dry-ice vapour), it floats with its entire bulk above the surface.

Mystery on the Moon -
From a base on the Moon, Berridge threatens with destruction by laser beam unless Raeburn agrees to send him a freighter of gold. Dart is sent to Moon Station One to investigate and discovers an artificial crater.
Why is Raeburn interested in explosions in public buildings, when he is the controller of Space Patrol? I think that Raeburn is actually the secret ruler of Earth; even General Smith defers to him. Laser technology was new in 1962, and gets a special mention. Marla and Raeburn decide to die in their building (as per a captain in sinking ship), when all they need to do is leave for somewhere safer?

The Glowing Eggs of Titan -
Husky's discovery of a luminous egg on the Saturnian moon of Titan could prove to be the solution to the Martian energy crisis. While Dart and his crew are on an egg-gathering mission, Slim falls and damages his air-line. As he waits to be rescued, he hears a strange humming...
Even more egg obsession.

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Volume 4:

The Walking Lake of Jupiter -
Scientists Brown and Smith discover that water on a Jovian lake has the power to cause inanimate objects to move as though with a life of their own. Dart arrives to witness this phenomenon and ends up on the trail of the unfortunate Brown, whose spacesuit has become energised by the Jovian water.

Time Stands Still -
Stolen art treasures are being transported into space. Raeburn suspects that Venusian millionaire Tara is behind the thefts, but his palace is too well guarded. Professor Haggarty develops a watch that speeds-up the wearer by 60 times, which enables Dart to sneak into the Palace unnoticed.

Message from a Star -
Signals from Alpha Centauri suggest intelligent life, but it would take a Galasphere 3000 years to cross the immense distance. Irya, a being from the planet Delta, transports himself to Earth to fit a special power unit to the Galasphere, enabling it to travel at faster-than-light speeds. Professor Haggarty, however, has reservations about making the trip...

The Fires of Mercury -
Professor Haggerty's device for translating the language of ants also converts heat into radio waves. Marla realises that this might provide a way of transmitting warmth from Mercury to the Colony on Pluto, where freezing conditions worsen as the planet nears the point in its orbit farthest from the Sun.

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Volume 5:

The Invisible Invasion -
On Uranus, the Duos are planning to seize power on Earth by taking over the minds of everyone at Space Headquarters, including Colonel Raeburn. The one person seemingly unaffected by the Duo's power is Professor Haggerty, who is installed beneath his electronic hair restorer!

The New Planet -
Galasphere 347 is plunged into deep space. After a comet collides with the ship, Dart and his crew discover a new planet beyond the orbit of Pluto. Touching-down in the dense forest, Dart and Slim meet one of the planet's giant inhabitants.

The Human Fish -
The Tula Fish in the Venusian Magda Ocean are evolving at an extraordinary rate, and attack fishermen. The Galasphere crew is sent to help, and discovers that building materials routinely dumped may be the cause of the Tula's accelerated evolution.

The Planet of Light -
Dart and Slim are invited to the Planet Lumen. On their arrival, Dart's oxygen cylinder is pierced. The planet's only oxygen comes from blister plants in the 'cave of death'. Dart and Slim must find the plants before dawn, or risk being roasted by the heat of the Sun...

The Talking Bell -
On a hunting trip, Raeburn and Haggerty encounter a soft, bell-shaped object with a single extendible leg. It is a visitor from another planet, but Raeburn has accidentally shot its space vehicle down with his shotgun! Dart is assigned to return 'Mr. Bell' to his mother ship.

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Volume 6:

The Miracle Tree of Saturn -
A fungus is destroying crops at an alarming rate. By chance, Professor Haggerty discovers that a cutting from the Saturnian's sacred tree on Raeburn's desk destroys the fungi, and Dart is sent to Saturn to get further supplies. However, their plan has been overheard by an unscrupulous technician.
Again, Haggarty is the only one who can save the Earth. The World has no food reserves whatsoever, and the baddy has the 'mockney' accent. Dart utters the classic line "Earthmen don't generally die from colds".

The Cloud of Death -
A cloud of metallic particles plunges the Earth into darkness. This is the work of the Neptunian leader Tyro, and he threatens to freeze the Earth unless Raeburn agrees to send him human slaves.

The Planet of Thought -
Tyro has come to Earth to join the UGO, but is sidetracked when he catches sight of Marla. Using his hypnotic powers, Tyro returns to Neptune with Marla where he makes her his princess. Dart follows to discover a way to break the spell.

Explosion on the Sun -
An explosion on the surface of the Sun causes a temperature rise on Earth and Venus. The Venusian president is contacted by Dr. Duncan, who has been causing the explosions by firing a freighter of beryllium into the Sun. He threatens to release further charges unless Earth and Venus send weapons and robots to Ganymede.

The Volcanoes of Venus -
A virus is paralysing areas of Venus. Raeburn learns that Slim's uncle Gallia intends to seize power by releasing a powder into the air that causes paralysis. Slim is sent to Venus to investigate, but contacts Space Headquarters to announce that he has changed allegiance and will assist his uncle...

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Volume 7:

The Unknown Asteroid -
The problem of dwindling supplies of Plutonite is solved when an asteroid made of the material is discovered. But before Raeburn has managed to secure the asteroid, Miga (a wealthy Venusian) has taken possession, and intends to sell it. Raeburn agrees reluctantly to the asking price, and sends Dart to complete the transaction.
Raeburn gives exact space co-ordinates from his turkish bath!

The Evil Eye of Venus -
Professor Borra of Venus has invented a mechanical eye which can destroy any ship constructed of metal alien to Earth, Mars or Venus. The demonstration is impressive, but what will happen when a Galasphere constructed of metal mined on Pluto comes within range?
A powerful and potentially lethal defence mechanism is put in place - and only Professor Burra knows how to disarm it.

Secret Formula -
Exploring the Silver Forest of Venus, Husky becomes trapped in the web of a Sprigum Spider. Haggerty manages to free him, and discovers that fragments of the web act as a truth drug. Raeburn, meanwhile, is offered the formula for Kinotine, which has the ability to store heat indefinitely. Kinotine's inventor will donate the formula, but when a call is received from Kellig (head of Mars' largest chemical plant) offering the formula for sale, Raeburn suspects foul play.

The Telepathic Robot -
Haggerty invents a robot that responds to thoughts. Dart tests the range of telepathic thought in Space, and investigates a new planet near the Sun - unaware that the Neptunians have encamped there. Only Haggerty's telepathic robot escapes the Neptunians' hypnotic influence.

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Volume 8:

Deadly Whirlwind -
To halt a virus destroying Martian vegetation, Dart is sent with a spray which is deadly to all forms of life except those native to Mars. When the spray comes into contact with a whirlwind the chemical is swept into Space, and is soon on a collision course with Earth.
Look out for Dart standing in the open doorway of the Galasphere, in outer space, with no space suit.

The Jitter Waves -
A strange jittering is affecting the city and other Earth locations. Haggerty discovers by chance that the jittering is caused by radio waves emitted from Uranus, where the Duos once again are planning an invasion.
Space Headquarters is still using 1960's computer technology in the Year 2100, and the Uranians use flaming wall torches for lighting.

Sands of Death -
Tyrig plans to use a nerve gas to seize power on Mars. Raeburn discovers that Tyrig and his men have set up a base on the Martian moon Phobos. Dart and his crew are sent to investigate, and are captured by Tyrig, who wants to use the Galasphere to spread the gas. Refusing to co-operate, they are put in a dungeon which fills slowly with sand.
Listen for the joke Brooklyn and Cockney accents of the baddies. Rockets make the same noise as the Galaspheres.

The Hairy Men of Mars -
The Galasphere's meson unit malfunctions, and the crew land in the unexplored Tuhera Jungle. Dart and Husky leave the Galasphere to fix the problem. When Husky fails to return Dart follows and is captured by a giant primitive man. Husky speaks with the giant in his native language, and they are set free. They return to Earth with some Martian fruit that makes hair grow - the perfect solution to Haggerty's baldness problem.
Husky seems to need to wear a space suit on his own planet. More egg obsession.

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Volume 9:

The Grass of Saturn -
Saturn has a new leader. Riga has succeeded his brother Simba, and while Dart is en-route to investigate, Riga launches rockets to Earth. These contain Saturnian grass seed, which absorbs oxygen and emits carbon dioxide.
Saturnian rockets look and sound identical to those used by Earth and Mars. Saturn's rings revolve as fast as the Galasphere's forcefield, in one scene. Nobody on Earth notices the Saturnian rockets or subsequent grass growth. Husky expresses a wish to 'take a job in a sausage factory'.

Forcefield X -
The Neptunians create a forcefield around the Earth containing particles with strong electromagnetic properties. The field begins disrupting electricity supplies causing a complete blackout.
Why does the Galasphere need an 'electrical boost' to take off from Earth, when it can take off from any other planet unassisted? Why do magnetic particles in the atmosphere attract the air, and cause power cuts? Slim is left in orbit on a whim while the Galasphere returns to Earth. Raeburn utters a classic comment: "When you're working with a woman, it saves a lot of bother if you always agree with her".

The Water Bomb -
The Galasphere is sent on a rain-making mission to Mars with a cargo of hydrogen and oxygen - the ingredients needed by escaped criminal Marog to construct a bomb on Phobos.
A sensible proposal to make it rain on Mars, by taking hydrogen and oxygen there in gas tanks. One of the baddies has the 'mockney' accent.

Destruction by Sound -
Raeburn is contacted by Yria from Alpha Centauri, who is seeking help to destroy an evil computer superbrain which is attempting to take over the planet Delta.

The Shrinking Gas of Jupiter -
On a mission to Jupiter, Slim disappears in the swamps. Raeburn orders Dart and Husky to leave, but trouble with the Galasphere's primary drive gives Dart an excuse to resume the search. He finds that Slim has shrunk to dwarf-like proportions.

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