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To Wade Williams and Ed Wood Jr., without whom all this would have been possible.

Plan9 Films:
  • Andy Aston
  • John Steed
  • Tim Wilding
  • Bronwen Gwynn and Nicky Neale
  • and technical help from Andrew Goloskof (the Proff)

We make movies: 'Midgets of Atlantis' (1993-4), 'Idyll' (1995), and the last epic was called 'Absolution'. A new film is now in pre-production: Plan9's version of Tom Godwin's classic SF story, 'The Cold Equations'. Make an orderly queue with cheque-books open...

John, Tim & Andy

A still from 'Midgets of Atlantis'. On the left is John (Vortan) Steed. In the centre is Tim (Igor) Wilding, and on the right is Andy (Knarf) Aston.

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